Escoge una sola respuesta por pregunta. Este examen NO tiene tiempo limite. No utilices ninguna ayuda o apoyo. Debes obtener minimo 14 respuestas correctas para pasar al siguiente nivel, de lo contrario, este es el nivel donde debes comenzar a estudiar. Si necesitas ayuda, tutoria o clases, por favor mandanos un mensaje en

1. My sister         volleyball very well.


2. Where are my glasses?   They’re              the night stand.


3. I get up            6 o’clock in the morning.


4. I usually go to work               car.


5. Tiffany stayed                        home yesterday afternoon.


6.              were you at the weekend?   I was in Scotland.


7. I like apples, but I                 bananas.


8. Excuse me,                speak Spanish?


9. How much are                       earrings?


10. I don’t see my parents very often                           they live in South America.


11. This is my brother.                Eddie.


12. We have two                         , a 10 year old girl and a 3 year old boy.


13. I work in a                  . I’m a cardiologist.


14. Last night I                        to the movies.


15. Do you want to listen to music or                           TV?


16.              three people in my family.


17. The  __________    is quite expensive but the food there is excellent.


18.              you have a good time at the party?   Yes, it was fun.


19. They have                  car in Miami.


20. Where                         from?   I’m from the USA.