Escoge una sola respuesta por pregunta. Este examen NO tiene tiempo limite. No utilices ninguna ayuda o apoyo. Debes obtener minimo 14 respuestas correctas para pasar al siguiente nivel, de lo contrario, este es el nivel donde debes comenzar a estudiar. Si necesitas ayuda, tutoria o clases, por favor mandanos un mensaje en

1. _______________ a bus stop near my house.


2. I think cycling is more dangerous _______________ driving.


3. Are you _______________ English teacher?


4. I only get about five hours’ sleep a night.   That’s not _______________.


5. Bob will meet _______________ at the airport.


6. Excuse me, _______________ use your phone?   Sure. Here you are.


7. I like this house but the _______________ is too expensive for me.


8. I’m going to a play tonight. ______________ you like to come?


9. _______________ meet for coffee sometime soon.


10. Sorry I’m so late.   That’s _______________.


11. Lorenzo has got a vacation home near _______________ sea.


12. Karen _______________ loves working with children.


13. If you have a headache, you _______________ go home.


14. Excuse me, how do I _______________ to the bus station?


15. I’d like _______________ milk in my coffee, please.


16. Do you sell sugar?   Yes, we do. How _______________ do you want?


17. Is this a good time to talk?   Sorry, no. I _______________ dinner.


18. _______________ ever been to New York?


19. We _______________ going to the beach next Saturday.


20. Did Stella finish the report?   No. She _______________ it tomorrow.