Escoge una sola respuesta por pregunta. Este examen NO tiene tiempo limite. No utilices ninguna ayuda o apoyo. Debes obtener minimo 14 respuestas correctas para pasar al siguiente nivel, de lo contrario, este es el nivel donde debes comenzar a estudiar. Si necesitas ayuda, tutoria o clases, por favor mandanos un mensaje en

1. The last time I _______________ Teddy was in Bogota.


2. Can I make myself a cup of coffee?   Of course. You _______________ to ask.


3. About a billion cans of Coca-Cola _______________ drunk around the world every day.


4. _______________ anywhere interesting recently?


5. Have you finished _______________ the wall yet?


6. We paid the restaurant bill _______________ credit card.


7. If you _______________ money from a friend, you should always pay it back promptly.


8. Learning the piano isn’t as difficult _______________ learning the violin.


9. I _______________ a lot of sport in my free time.


10. When I was a child, I _______________ climb the wall and jump into our neighbors’ garden.


11. It’s Diego’s birthday on Friday. He _______________ be 30, I think.


12. Danny isn’t here. He _______________ to see his grandmother. He’ll be back tomorrow.


13. Can you help me? I’ve tried _______________ hotel in the city and can’t find a room.


14. If the weather _______________ bad tomorrow, we can go to a park.


15. If I _______________ closer to my office, I could walk to work.


16. Johanna used to find work boring _______________ she became a nurse.


17. Is Brasilia the capital of Brazil?   I think _______________.


18. My mom’s not very well.   Oh, _______________.


19. Would you mind changing my appointment? _______________ time on Friday is fine.


20. We never _______________ a TV when I was a child.