Escoge una sola respuesta por pregunta. Este examen NO tiene tiempo limite. No utilices ninguna ayuda o apoyo. Debes obtener minimo 14 respuestas correctas para pasar al siguiente nivel, de lo contrario, este es el nivel donde debes comenzar a estudiar. Si necesitas ayuda, tutoria o clases, por favor mandanos un mensaje en

1. I’ve finished this salad and I’m still hungry. I                    ordered something more filling.


2. I’ve got a terrible headache, and it won’t go away.   Have you tried _______________ some acetaminophen?


3. Alex got the job because he                       a very good impression at his interview.


4. Salsa music always _______________ me of my trip to Colombia.


5. We’ve _______________ come back from a trip to India. It was amazing.


6. Don’t worry if I _______________ late tonight. I’m going to the gym after work.


7. Some married couples seem to get more                         over time.


8. I don’t know how much this card costs. The price label’s                      off.


9. I _______________ outside the restaurant when suddenly a police car arrived.


10. I was wondering                    I could ask you some questions.   Sure, go ahead.


11. Karate is a sport _______________ requires a lot of speed and fitness.


12. There’s no name on this dictionary.   It _______________ be mine then. Mine’s got my name on the front.


13. Juan _______________ working on this project for a couple of months so he hasn’t made much progress yet.


14. What clothes should I pack for a trip to Buenos Aires?   Well, it depends                  the time of year that you go.


15. I’ve got to be at work in five minutes.   Don’t worry, I _______________ you a lift if you want.


16. My doctor advised me _______________ more exercise.


17. I couldn’t _______________ up with the noise in the city, so we moved to the countryside.


18. Mabel _______________ married since she was 20.


19. Do you ever ask your neighbors to do favors                  you?


20. Shall we go to Taco Mania for dinner?   It _______________ be fully booked. They’re sometimes busy on a Monday.