Escoge una sola respuesta por pregunta. Este examen NO tiene tiempo limite. No utilices ninguna ayuda o apoyo. Debes obtener minimo 14 respuestas correctas para pasar al siguiente nivel, de lo contrario, este es el nivel donde debes comenzar a estudiar. Si necesitas ayuda, tutoria o clases, por favor mandanos un mensaje en

1. I _______________ outside the restaurant when suddenly a police car arrived.


2. My doctor advised me _______________ more exercise.


3. What clothes should I pack for a trip to Buenos Aires?   Well, it depends                  the time of year that you go.


4. Some married couples seem to get more                         over time.


5. I’ve finished this salad and I’m still hungry. I                    ordered something more filling.


6. I was wondering                    I could ask you some questions.   Sure, go ahead.


7. I don’t know how much this card costs. The price label’s                      off.


8. Shall we go to Taco Mania for dinner?   It _______________ be fully booked. They’re sometimes busy on a Monday.


9. Juan _______________ working on this project for a couple of months so he hasn’t made much progress yet.


10. There’s no name on this dictionary.   It _______________ be mine then. Mine’s got my name on the front.


11. Salsa music always _______________ me of my trip to Colombia.


12. We’ve _______________ come back from a trip to India. It was amazing.


13. I’ve got to be at work in five minutes.   Don’t worry, I _______________ you a lift if you want.


14. I’ve got a terrible headache, and it won’t go away.   Have you tried _______________ some acetaminophen?


15. Do you ever ask your neighbors to do favors                  you?


16. Alex got the job because he                       a very good impression at his interview.


17. Don’t worry if I _______________ late tonight. I’m going to the gym after work.


18. Karate is a sport _______________ requires a lot of speed and fitness.


19. I couldn’t _______________ up with the noise in the city, so we moved to the countryside.


20. Mabel _______________ married since she was 20.